Natures Bounty Earthly Elements Lavender Aromatherapy Gift Set

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Nature's Bounty Earthly Elements Lavender Aromatherapy Gift Set:

  • Diffuser, Earthly Elements Essential Oil 0.34 fl oz
  • Experience the power of aromatherapy
  • Enhance the smell of your home, office and anywhere else that life takes you
  • Create a spa-inspired atmosphere everywhere you go
  • Battery operated (not included)

An exotic array of botanical energies are both versatile and invigorating. Our essential oils can be diffused, inhaled, and applied topically. Their sense-invoking nature makes them the perfect addition to your soothing bubble bath, relaxing massage, or as the key ingredient for beauty remedies. Create your own facial scrub, aftersun lotion, or even a cleaner to polish your countertops. To use in the most traditional way, drop into the diffuser and inhale the aromatic qualities that will enhance your well being.

Warning: Unplug the diffuser immediately and discontinue use in the event of smoke or a burning smell to avoid the risk of fire or electric shock. Repairs should be carried out only by a qualified service contractor. Never wrap the adaptor or diffuser with cloth or paper, as blocking the ventilation could increase the risk of fire. Never touch the adaptor or diffuser with wet hands, to avoid electric shock. Never immerse the diffuser in water. Unplug the adaptor when refilling, cleaning or moving the diffuser. Keep out of reach of children. Do not shake the diffuser.